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Workshops for Exchange Summit Americas ( 24.04.17  )
Art der Veranstaltung: Seminar
Ort: Orlando, Florida, USA
Datum: 24.04.17
Veranstalter: Vereon AG
URL: Relation Browser
Telefon: +41 71 677 8700
Eintritt/Gebühr: USD 499-899
Voranmeldung erwünscht: ja

Workshops for Exchange Summit Americas

Morning Workshop: How Automating Your P2P Controls Can Mitigate Risk
This hands on and interactive workshop takes a look into internal controls and risk management best practices for the P2P process and takes things a step further by exploring the benefits of continuous controls monitoring (CCM) and continuous transition monitoring (CTM). Attendees will learn how the tools available today can help mitigate risk within their P2P process which can help prevent cash leakage. This workshop will also provide examples of how CCM and
CTM tools can help with root cause analysis and provide additional supplier analytics throughout the Supplier Management Lifecycle. Lastly, the attendees will receive the Top Ten Supplier Management Best Practices and the Top Twenty Accounts Payable Internal Controls.

Afternoon Workshop: Introduction to Universal Business Language (UBL)
Attendees of the Introduction to UBL workshop will learn the role of the OASIS Universal Business Language, internationally standardized as ISO/IEC 19845 and adopted by countries and companies worldwide. Used for procurement, E-Invoicing and transportation logistics, this open and free-to-use XML vocabulary can be embraced by any organization to satisfy an electronic format for important business documents.
There are many artefacts found and methodologies described in the Universal Business Language (UBL) deliverables. Without an awareness of the roles played by these, UBL can be perceived more complex or considered "too hard" to tackle successfully. This technically-oriented workshop is written for both the user of UBL and technical manager. For the implementer and specifying authority it is important to understand candidate opportunities to work with the artefacts and to gain hands-on experience in their use and applicability in the context of the documented methodologies and deployment strategies.
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