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DevOps Gathering 2018 - The non-profit Community Conference ( 19.02.18 bis 21.02.18  )
Art der Veranstaltung: Sonstiges
Ort: Bochum
Datum: 19.02.18 bis 21.02.18
Veranstalter: bee42 solutions
URL: https://devops-gathering.io/ Relation Browser
E-Mail: info@devops-gathering.io
Telefon: 017634402658
Eintritt/Gebühr: 49 - 499 Euro
Voranmeldung erwünscht: ja

DevOps Gathering 2018 - The non-profit Community Conference

The DevOps Gathering is an international conference located in Bochum - surrounded by the metropolitan area of the Ruhr Valley. This melting pot of past times industrial revolutions is nowadays a hot spot for Germany’s IT industry - a perfect place to discuss the next big revolution of our industry, the DevOps revolution. Let’s discuss the hot topics inside the DevOps community and start talking about Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, Clouds and everything else regarding DevOps!
WORKSHOPS on February 19th, 2018

• Building A Self-Sufficient System by Viktor Farcic (Docker Captain & CloudBees)
• GitLab/CI Basics by Niclas Mietz (bee42 solutions)
• Building a Modern CI/CD Pipeline (with Docker and Kubernetes) by Anton Weiss (Otomato)
• Groovy integration testing with Docker and TestContainers by Kevin Wittek and Matthias Rottländer (Styracosoft & GData)

CONFERENCE TALKS on February 20 - 21, 2018

• Tear down silos! How? What comes next? by Konstantin Diener (cosee)
• Modern Monitoring for Dev and Ops by Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud)
• Kubernetes Patterns by Roland Huß (RedHat)
• Container Software Supply Chain by Peter Roßbach & Niclas Mietz (bee42 solutions)
• Continuous Database Integration with Flyway by Sandra Parsick (Freelancer)
• Building A Self-Sufficient System by Victor Farcic (CloudBees & Docker Captain)
• CI/CD at Zalando by Joao Santos (Zalando)
• Docker: Ops unleashed by Mario Kleinsasser (STRABAG)
• Managed Container Orchestration with ECS at Scout24 by Philipp Garbe (Scout24 & Docker Captain)
• Deploying and managing production-grade Kubernetes clusters with Rancher by Jan Bruder (Rancher)
• Docker @AWS - a look at the different options to run Docker in the Amazon Cloud by Govinda Fichtner (Paessler AG)
• Stateful Applications on Kubernetes by Nicolas Byl (codecentric)
• Monitoring FairCoin blockchain with Prometheus by Maykel Moya (ShuttleCloud)
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