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New survey: HubSpot presents "The Future of Content Marketing" at dmexco

For the first time more smartphone than PC usage / Great potential for messenger apps in customer service / Customers want videos

Cologne, Germany, September 13, 2017 - At dmexco, the biggest digital marketing exhibition in Europe, HubSpot presents the survey "The Future of Content Marketing", which illustrates the preferences of online consumers and shows which marketing measures are most suitable for which target audience.

Mobile first: The smartphone is replacing the PC

Now the existence of Google's Mobile-First Index is finally justified: the smartphone has become the number one way of consumers to browse the Internet. Almost half of all respondents said that they mainly use their smartphone to go online (48%), compared to one third in the last year. Desktop computers and laptops are at 43% (2016: 56%) and tablets at 9% (2016: 11%).

"Knowing which device consumers use to go online is of great importance to marketers. It is not only about making your own website suitable for mobile devices via responsive design, but the device of the potential customer also affects which types of content you offer to the customer. Videos should not be too long, so they can be played easily, and texts need a clear and concise structure, so the content can be grasped quickly when using a smartphone."
Inken Kuhlmann, Senior Manager Growing Markets, HubSpot

Websites still the most important showcase - Facebook remains the most important network

When consumers want to find out more about a company or a brand, their website remains the first stop for two thirds of all respondents. 41% also mention company videos, the company's Facebook profile (37%) and newsletters (32%) as popular sources of information. At the same time, 54% of all consumers expect brands to provide video content and newsletters (46%). Compared to these numbers, social media photos (41%) and videos (34%) only take third and fourth place.

By far, Facebook is the most important social network and versatilely usable for marketers. Not only do 89% of all respondents mention having a Facebook account (Instagram: 44%, Twitter: 42%), for 71% of all interviewees Facebook is also their most frequently used network. Instagram takes second place at only 9%. Another essential aspect for marketers is the fact that in comparison to other networks, Facebook is not only suitable for different kinds of content (text, pictures, videos), but that consumers also expect this diverse mix of content on Facebook. On the other hand, text content is expected on Twitter and LinkedIn, and pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.

During content creation, marketers should also keep in mind how the content is consumed. Whereas interviewees consume videos, news articles and multimedia articles thoroughly, blog posts, longer texts and podcasts are skimmed predominantly.

"Marketers should assure that their content is tailored to the preferences and habits of potential customers. For example, that means that longer texts are structured via clear and concise sub-headings to support skimming, so the reader can start wherever he wants."
Inken Kuhlmann, Senior Manager Growing Markets, HubSpot

Messenger apps particularly important for customer service

72% of all respondents would use messenger apps to contact companies, if an immediate response was necessary, and 70% would use them for support enquiries. Still, there are significant differences when looking at interviewee age: younger consumers view the use of messenger apps more favorable than older ones. Almost half of all consumers aged 55 and older also state that they do not use messenger apps at all. Country-specific differences are also present: WhatsApp is mostly used in Germany and Latin America, while Facebook Messenger is preferred in the U.S. Especially in Latin America, consumers are willing to use messenger apps to contact companies.

"Whether messenger apps are a promising channel for contacting customers mostly depends on the potential customer. Especially younger consumers like messenger apps. In that case there is a lot of interesting potential in messenger apps: chatbots allow for round-the-clock customer support, because they can answer frequently asked questions outside of the usual business hours immediately and expand customer service."
Inken Kuhlmann, Senior Manager Growing Markets, HubSpot

For the 2017 edition 3,010 consumers (1/3 from Germany, 1/3 from the US, 1/3 from Columbia and Mexico) were asked about their online habits. A balanced ratio of gender and distribution among the age groups from 18 years to over 55 years was used.

The complete survey (in German only) can be accessed here:

Schedule a discussion with the HubSpot marketing experts about the survey results at HubSpot's dmexco booth in hall 7 / B063.

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