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Inhaltsverzeichnis Report 'China: Riding the mobile internet wave'

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1. Market Overview

2. Mobile Internet Value Chain in China

  • Mobile operators: China Mobile, China Unicom
  • Major equipment and handset vendors: Datang, Eastcom, Huawei, ZTE, etc.
    • i. Mobile system vendors
    • ii. Handset makers
  • Major Mobile Application and Content Providers
  • Consumers
  • 3. China Mobile and China Unicom's business models on rolling out Mobile Internet

    4. Current status of mobile Internet deployment

  • Consumer's acceptance of mobile Internet
    • a. Learning curve
    • b. Demand in the young adult segment
    • c. Applications for enterprise users
  • Mobile operators' push
    • a. Betting on data traffic
    • b. Co-operation with phone makers
    • c. Network readiness
    • d. Leasing a mobile phone with annual contract
    • e. Inter-connection between China Mobile and China Unicom
    • f. Efforts in branding mobile Internet
    • g. Incentives for ASP's to develop applications
  • Mobile services providers' challenges
    • a. China is too big to be treated as a whole, regional content development is necessary
    • b. Both mobile operators call for more java based MMS
    • c. The Chinese government wants to control what people are reading on the internet

    5. Recommendations to companies who want to get into China's mobile Internet market