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Inhaltsverzeichnis: CRM Implementation Practices in Europe

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1. Management Summary

Survey Motivation
Intended Audience
Survey Approach
Survey Results

2. Introduction

Motivation for the Study
CRM in the context of this survey

3. Survey Approach

Questionnaire Preparation
Structure of the Survey
CRM System Vendor Questionnaire
CRM System User Questionnaire
Processing of the Survey
Target Groups

4. Research Hypothesis

Definition of Implementation Success
Influence Model for Implementation Success
Research Hypotheses
Engagement of Hypotheses and Questionnaires along the Influence Model

5. Survey Results

Data Collection and Analysis
Tools employed for Data Collection and Analysis
Analysis Methods
Classifications within Analysis
Profile of CRM System Vendors
Profile of CRM System Users
Respondent Personal Profile
CRM System
CRM System Usage
Sub-Population using CRM Systems
Offered CRM System Functionality
CRM System Selection
Project Team
Role of External Parties
Project Duration
Implementation Approach / Methodology
Requirements Management / Project Documentation
Tool Usage
Project Results and Impact
Critical Success Factors
User Wishes and Preferences

6. Conclusion

7. Recommendations for CRM System Implementations

Recommendations for User Organisations
Recommendations for System Vendors

8. References

9. List of Figures

A1 User Questionnaire
A2 Vendor Questionnaire