Europrix Multimedia Top Talent Award Vol. 05


Success Story

(iBusiness) In 2004, the project 'Bridging the Island of the Colourblind' won the EUROPRIX TTA for Content Tools and Interface Design. Adam Montandon and his team - Mike Cobb, Andy Early and Korash Sanjideh - returned to the UK to continue with digital innovation and build a company, HMC Entertainment Systems. After just 18 months HMC was named as one of the Best of British Technology showcase companies.

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HMC zur Homepage dieses Unternehmens Relation Browser create engaging interactive media for a broad range of clients, and audiences, looking for new and unique interactive systems working on a diverse range of projects, from kiosks and installations to websites and online games.

HMC has gained a lot of recognition and accolades, from winning international awards to being interviewed on the sofa by Richard and Judy (The most popular daytime TV show in the UK), our commitment, passion and enthusiasm to advancing the digital media sector has been pivotal to our success.

Adam Montandon is an expert in Digital Futures and a specialist in cyber-architecture. In 2005, based on the success and huge publicity of the EUROPRIX award, Adam founded the HMC MediaLab zur Homepage dieses Unternehmens Relation Browser organisation, an unusual interactive play-space for digital artists. The work of the HMC MediaLab has been featured at the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the Tate Britain, as well as in television documentaries for the Discovery Channel, Tech TV and National Geographic.

Adam has been fascinated with new technology from an early age, and programmed his first computer game when he was 9 years old. Adam completed his Masters of Science in "Digital Futures" in just 1 year and graduated with distinction in December 2004. His Masters thesis "Tangled in the Machine" describes the ways humans and machines are fused together in unexpected ways. Adam was able to work with Neil Harbisson, a colour-blind musician and painter. Adam successfully developed a digital prosthesis for Neil called the Eyeborg that allows him to perceive colours through the sound spectrum rather than through the visual spectrum. Adam transformed Neil into what has been called a "Cyborg" meaning "a Cybernetic Organism" - or put more simply, part-digital, part-real. The Eyeborg project was so successful Adam won First Prize for Innovation at Submerge in 2004 and went on to be awarded the prestigious EUROPRIX Top Talent Award in Vienna.

Adam now works as a digital expert for HMC Entertainment Systems, completing projects as diverse as cybernetics, virtual reality, and cyber-architecture. Adam is also heavily involved in the production of electronic spaces in public spaces, nightclubs, museums, theme parks, attractions and fun interactive installations around the world, working from his UK base with the rest of the HMC team. Adam is also a guest lecturer at many universities and colleges.

Life at HMC is always friendly and energetic. HMC are an enthusiastic bunch of people who take great pride in their work.

HMC create a wide variety of modern media, from dynamic websites to interactive installations. The team have a real passion for creating unusual and entertaining interfaces - be they new ways to physically interact with computers, or new ways to display data and information systems.

Our passion and enthusiasm has established HMC Entertainment Systems as an emerging force in the worldwide multimedia sector.

Here are some quotes about the things HMC have worked on:

Uwe Semtner - marketing director of ATI Europe:
"I was so impressed when I met Neil personally, you have to meet this guy and hear his words on how the stuff turns his life to a totally new direction, it's amazing! In terms of life-style, technology should support and include in lifestyle, and it's exactly what they like to do at ATI."
Reidar Wasenius - senior project manager at Nokia:
"The technology is very fascinating. When talking about combining different senses, I would categorise Adam as an idealistic innovator. Very fascinating stuff."
Pascal Thomas - Orange:
"Impressive. I like the idea of the technology helping the human being"
Greg Wade - BBC:
"A revolutionary device to help people who are colour blind to identify colours"
Nema El-Nahas - Arts Council of England:
"HMC Entertainment Systems is a 21st century company standing out from the rest with their innovation, experimentation combined with their creativity and high end production skills. They always had a passion and drive to create technological innovation and creativity. They are something else!"
Peter Rantasa - Mica, Austria:
"This project was truly an artistic approach by reflecting the interface between man and machine. How you can empower your senses, how you can empower your body. What I like very much about this project is that it was a very concrete approach. By describing the project not only as a technology project but also a project about interaction with a human being - in this case the colour-blind painter. In this case the interesting thing is that the user is a painter.
He delivered the proof that the whole project is valid and good enough to even enhance the expression of a painter because after using this device he started to paint in colour, where before he only used black and white. It is valid on the concept, it is simple, it is a stable, it has practical use and it has artistic reflection, and I think that all adds up to a brilliant project."