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Datamonitor: Deutschland hinkt beim digitalen Fernsehen hinterher

Die wesentlichen Anschubfaktoren für Dienstleistungen und Entwicklungen im Bereich des digitalen Fernsehens bietet die aktuelle Datamonitor-Studie 'Digital TV markets: Europe and the US'. Mit Blick auf den europäischen und US-amerikanischen Markt prognostiziert die Studie, dass Deutschland 2010 in Europa ein Nachzügler in diesem Bereich sein wird.

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This brief examines the key factors that are driving adoption of digital TV services in Europe and the US.

Assesses uptake by both platform (cable, satellite, DTT and IPTV) and operator across 14 European markets and US to 2010.
Examines the factors that are driving digital growth, as well as the issues that are inhibiting development in some markets.

Europe will overtake the US with regard to digital TV penetration by the end of 2010 at this point, almost 69% of European households will have made the transition to digital services. Much of the growth across Europe will be driven by continuing uptake of digital terrestrial services, while IPTV services will also begin to make an impact.

The UK will remain the most highly penetrated digital TV market by the end of 2010, with almost 95% of households receiving digital services. Despite strong growth, Germany will continue to lag behind other major European markets, with only around half of households digital by the end of 2010.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Gain an insight into how the digital TV market is expected to develop up until the end of 2010.
  • Understand which platforms will exhibit the strongest growth over the course of the rest of the decade.
  • Identify which country markets are set for the most rapid growth, and which digital platforms will dominate in each.

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