Europrix Multimedia Top Talent Award Vol. 05


Extract: Energising Innovation: Multimedia and Music

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Especially remarkable in this set of excellent projects is the treatment and inclusion of music and the clever music applications which are presented. The TTA recognises this also with the Content Fusion Award. The purpose of the award is to foreground that multimedia is not a cold medium or just technological, but that it can be totally immersive. The use of story and music in an integrated audio-design shall be recognised.

Guitar Shred Show made jurors enthusiastic in this respect: "It's so entertaining, totally cool and energising and totally different. I love it! It's fabulous". Each keyboard key gives you a different guitar riff which you can trigger and then print out. You can also tune your guitar and set a metronome while you follow the lessons and jam afterwards. "It also has a ‘box of wisdom' if you get bored".

The Virtual Air Guitar was seen by jurors as "gutsy, fun and sensual" with its uses of gloves and a webcam. It's a fantastic market ready game, easy to play for non-musicians. It helps the user to feel like a musician, but it's not an instrument. It's entertainment and connects with the user's experience of music.

Pantha Rei was judged to be very lyrical and poetic. "When I interacted with this I felt moved. It's one of the most physical interactive experiences that I've had. You don't need the booklet for description, it's part of the experience" one juror said.

Showing mobile contents the way
The mobile content projects show that functionality and value-add of mobility is key when it comes to innovation on mobile platforms. Beauty and aesthetics might be critical in off-line media including games. At the centre is what one can carry out and is one able to do that simply and quickly? Only when those questions are answered positively does it make sense to focus energies around the visual appeal.

AP Compass, iCoach and RealReplay show that function and visual attractiveness do not have to be in conflict.

APCompass is based on accessing points from wireless internet points. Jurors hailed it for its open source nature on a wireless network where one can get the public to help. The information is written by the community and one can enter ideas. It realises the idea of a transparent society and offers a very good service, allowing users to realise the power of the network.

The jurors found iCoach to excellently visualise tactics and training solutions. The software is not new but it's unique for mobile phones. It's "efficiency on the spot". The software is useful for any sport or group organisation and allows to show strategies from today and two months ago and offers analysis.

RealReplay offers GPS racing on your mobile phone which jurors felt to excel with its nice, simple to understand interface. It is "useful if you train for a marathon and need accurate information if you want to keep up to pace". The added value is that sportspersons can race and measure their performance on the spot.

However, looking at these projects it becomes clear that those are most successful which are focusing much more on innovation in function than visual appeal.

Analysts might dream that the mobile market has the potential to continue to grow explosively over the next years. The Top Talent Team projects in this book show some of the ways which can be used.

The projects of TTA 05 demonstrate that there are alternatives to trash in the current explosive developments and that e-Culture is rich, diverse and full of innovation. This book might serve all readers as a guide.