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Der Google-Friedhof der beendeten und abgeschalteten Dienste und Services

Der Google-Friedhof der beendeten und abgeschalteten Dienste und Services

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spring clean,Frühjahrsputz List Of Google Products Retired And Discontinued Since 2006 Google Reader What it did: An once-robust RSS reader with a small (in Google’s eyes) but very loyal fanbase. What happened: Google stripped Reader of its social properties in October 2011, then finally axed the product. Date of death: July 2013. iGoogle What it did: A customizable homepage containing web feeds and Google Gadgets, launched in May 2005. Renamed iGoogle in April 2007. What happened: Citing “erosion of the need for the site,” Google will retire iGoogle on November 1, 2013. Google Talk What it did: Desktop instant messaging service that provided text and voice communication. What happened: Replaced by Google Hangouts on May 15, 2013. Google Health What it did: Allows users to store, manage and share all their health and wellness information in one central place. What happened: Development ceased June 24, 2011; accessible until January 1, 2012; data available for download until January 1, 2013. Knol What it did: Google’s attempt at a Wikipedia competitor, Knol enabled subject experts and other users to write authoritative articles related to various topics. What happened: Content was not accessible after October 1, 2012. Google Insights for Search What it did: Similar to Google Trends, Insights for Search provided insight into popular search terms. What happened: Discontinued since September 27, 2012. The functionality was merged with Google Trends. Picnik What it did: An online photo editor. Before being acquired by Google in 2010, Picnik was the default photo editor in Flickr. What happened: Closed on April 19, 2012. Google Buzz What it did: Google Buzz was a social networking, microblogging and messaging tool that was integrated with Gmail, initially (to much chagrin) as an opt-out service. What happened: Discontinued on December 15, 2011. Aardvark What it did: A social search service that facilitated Q&A sessions over live chat, intended to match askers with good answerers. What happened: Acquired for $50 million in February 2010, Aardvark was discontinued in September 2011. Sidewiki What it did: Sidewiki was a browser sidebar tool that allowed users to contribute information to any web page. What happened: Killed in September 2011 along with a host of other unsuccessful products. Google Notebook What it did: A free application that allowed users to save clips of information in an online “notebook.” What happened: Discontinued in September 2011. Google launched a similar product, Google Keep, in March 2013. Google Dictionary What it did: As the name implies, an online dictionary service. What happened: Shut down without warning in August 2011; part of the functionality was integrated with the define: operator. Google Labs What it did: A “playground” where adventurous users could test and provide feedback on prototype projects. What happened: Discontinued in July 2011. Google Wave What it did: Released as an invite-only preview in 2009, Google Wave was a framework that allowed real-time collaborative editing with elements of email, IM, wikis, and social networking. What happened: Google ceased development of Wave in August 2010 due to lack of interest SearchWiki What it did: This feature allowed logged-in users to annotate and re-order search results. What happened: Search Wiki was discontinued in March 2010. Dodgeball What it did: Google bought Dodgeball, a mobile social networking service, in 2005. Its founder went on to leave Google and form Foursquare. What happened: Google killed Dodgeball in 2009, replacing it with Google Latitude. Jaiku What it did: Jaiku is to Twitter as Dodgeball is to Foursquare: This microblogging service was so named because the posts resembled haiku. What happened: Google stopped development on Jaiku in 2009. Google Lively What it did: A 3D animated chat program, using avatars, that was only supported on Windows. What happened: Google Lively only lived six months, going to the chopping block in December 2008. Google Page Creator What it did: A basic website creation and hosting tool that required no HTML knowledge. What happened: Canned in 2008. Zeitgeist What it did: Zeitgeist was a collection of popular search queries, including weekly, monthly and yearly lists, plus topic and country specific lists. What happened: Closed May 2007 and replaced by Hot Trends, a dynamic feature in Google Trends. Google Answers What it did: Google's answer to Yahoo Answers employed paid researchers and asked users to bid for a response to their question. What happened: Users preferred their answers free, and the product was killed in December 2006.

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Quelle: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/06/27/discontinued-google-products-services
30.04.14 – Wordstream


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