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Internal Communication ( 05.12.2018 bis 06.12.2018  )
Art der Veranstaltung: Kongress
Ort: Berlin
Datum: 05.12.2018 bis 06.12.2018
Veranstalter: Quadriga Akademie Berlin GmbH
URL: Relation Browser
Voranmeldung erwünscht: ja

Internal Communication

Internal communication has become more complex and powerful than ever. The war for talents requires corporations, small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, associations and all other organisations not only to communicate with their employees but also to engage and activate them. Internal communication is the new superpower! And you need this power. Internal communication enables you to build trust between C-level representatives and employees, among employees themselves and to create trust into the company’s ability to deal with major challenges such as the omnipresent digitalisation.
An open and agile working environment is essential to increase productivity, to manage manifold change processes and to handle crises successfully. Internal communication is key for driving you through these processes. But you need a strategy. What are the targets you want to achieve? How can they be reached? Who is going to help?
This conference enables participants to develop internal communications strategies, and to adapt them to various situations. Due to the digitalisation, the number of channels and tools for communicating with your employees, stakeholders and the media is more comprehensive than ever. Of course, printed corporate in-house magazines are still there. But there is much more. Apps, social media, videos, intranet and newsrooms: We show you how to use them.
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