Ada Lovelace Festival - Women In Tech Event ( 11.10.2018 bis 12.10.2018  )
Art der Veranstaltung: Kongress
Ort: BOLLE Festsäle, 98 Alt-Moabit, Berlin, 10559, Germany
Datum: 11.10.2018 bis 12.10.2018
Veranstalter: Euroforum Deutschland GmbH
URL: Relation Browser
Telefon: 0211887433685
Eintritt/Gebühr: Coorporate Tickets: EUR 699.0, Academics/Freelancer/Startups: EUR 249.0, Students: EUR 69.0
Voranmeldung erwünscht: ja
Ada Lovelace Festival - Women In Tech Event

Ada Lovelace Festival - Women In Tech Event

The Ada Lovelace Festival is a leading European event dedicated to all women in the IT industry. An outstanding platform for tech know-how and the voices of female IT-practitioners has been established over the past three years. The event provides brand new tech insights, inspiring talks, valuable hands-on workshops and a unique networking base for the community of women in tech.
We’re absolutely stunned by the enormous (digital) diversity and the highly motivating spirit that our pervious festivals brought to light and are excited to continue with #ada18 exactly where we left off last year.
Become part of the community: Join us in October 2018 in Berlin to network and get inspired together with more than 300 female IT professionals and over 70 international speakers. Discover the latest industry trends, thought-provoking research findings, disruptive business ideas and a wealth of success stories large or small. And last but not least: Feel the energy generated by all these fascinating women with a true passion for IT!
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