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Savant E-Commerce Congress Berlin ( 01.03.2018 bis 02.03.2018  )
Art der Veranstaltung: Kongress
Ort: Berlin
Datum: 01.03.2018 bis 02.03.2018
Veranstalter: Savant Events
URL: Relation Browser
Eintritt/Gebühr: Please enquire via
Voranmeldung erwünscht: ja
Savant E-Commerce Congress Berlin

Savant E-Commerce Congress Berlin

Following the great success of 2017, Savant e-Commerce Berlin is back in March 2018 for its 4th edition. Two days long, this exclusive boutique event will bring together over 180 senior executives of the top 100 online retailers in Germany and Europe to discuss the customer centric revolution. The event focusses on senior level retail professionals, including CEOs, Co-Founders, MDs, VPs, Directors of e-Commerce, Digital, Omnichannel, IT, Customer Engagement, Customer Data and Online Marketing.

The event will feature many retailers, as 75 % of attendees are from retail companies. They will share their insights, fuel the discussion and encourage networking. There is a strict 'no sales' policy during the event and no media is invited, so you know it will be all about sharing knowledge and thoughts.

Key topics to be discussed:

*AI and the automation of business processes in e-Commerce
*Taking personalisation to the next level
*IOT: The rise of smart, connected everything and how to prepare for it
*Voice: The next 'future of e-commerce'?
*Smoothing out the bumps in the omnichannel road
*Working in the world of marketplaces
*Using data and analytics to boost all aspects of business processes
*Using technology to enhance customer experience & engagement

Savant Events is a curator of strategic boutique conferences taking place in key e-commerce hubs across Europe, such as London, Berlin and Amsterdam.
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